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What started as collaborations between mingling creatives in the VR-field
transformed into a vision for an outstanding XR consulting firm.
Much has happened since we started Immetropia and we look forward to all the exciting projects that 2022 will bring!

"Technologies in flux provides possibilities that ever spark my creativity"

Mikael Hverven-Landy

Mikael has a unique ability to evoke tailored and captivating moods when creating 3D-scenarios. Utilizing his skilled empathy, every visual and interactive part becomes an instrument in an orchestra that he conducts to convey an impactful story to the user.

By deconstructing complex problems he is often able to find smart solutions that can be delivered fast while maintaining a high quality.

With his engagement in working with people in different capacities he understands that we all have different needs and ways to express ourselves.

He enjoys producing music, photography, and prototyping on the fly game concepts to exercise his creativity.

"The living dialogue between ideas and their actualizations animate me"

Fredrik Magnusson

Meet the scientist with a background in art that got immersed in tech. Today he builds XR applications for leading brands.

The experience based pattern recognition skills he has gained from his multidiciplinary background gives him the ability to develop large picture digital strategies.

He enjoys the whole development process, from abstract ideas becoming excecutable plans to programming systems, 3D-modeling worlds, and designing UX.


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